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Monday, June 19, 2006

Dukungan KPA Sul-sel dalam CST RSWS

Kunjungan bapak wakil gubernur sulawesi selatan selaku ketua KPA propinsi Sul-sel pada hari selasa tanggal 14 juni 2006 di RS Wahidin Makassar, tampak ketua KPA berbincang dengan dokter tim dari australia yang juga merupakan konsultan medis dalam peningkatan upaya pelayanan CST terhadap ODHA di RS Wahidin Sudirohusodo Makassar. Kunjugan ketua KPA dalam memberikan dukungan dan support terhadap ODHA yang di rawat di RS serta koordinasi dalam upaya peningkatan pelayanan CST.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Kepuasaan Pasien ODHA di RSWS Makassar

Berdasarkan hasil survei juni 2006 oleh tim Universitas Hasanuddin perihal kepuasan pasien ODHA, untuk dimensi responsiveness, tingkat kepuasaan pasien berada dalam kategori puas, yaitu pasien ODHA sebesar 75% dan pasien umum sebesar 65%. Untuk dimensi assurance, tingkat kepuasaan pasien umum berada pada kategori cukup puas yaitu sebesar 60 %, sedangkan pasien ODHA pada kategori puas, yaitu sebesar 68.8 %. Untuk dimensi tangible, tingkat kepuasaan pasien berada dalam kategori puas, yaitu pasien ODHA sebesar 87,5% dan pasien umum sebesar 65%. Untuk dimensi empathy, tingkat kepuasaan pasien berada dalam kategori puas, yaitu pasien ODHA sebesar 75 % dan pasien umum sebesar 65 %.Untuk dimensi reliability, tingkat kepuasaan pasien berada dalam kategori puas, yaitu pasien ODHA sebesar 87,5 % dan pasien umum sebesar 70 %.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pelaksanaan CST secara terpadu dan bermutu RSWS

dalam mendukung upaya pengembangan CST bagi ODHA di RS Wahidin Makassar, tim POKJA CST RSWS mulai tanggal 8 juni hingga 21 juni 2006 melakukan upaya peningkatan SDM bagi tenaga medis dan farmasi yang di lakukan bersama Tim ahli dari Australia Albion Street Centre ( ASC ).
Informasi lebih lanjut hub : Pokja CST RSWS telp (0411) 591422,


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Peningkatan SDM Layanan CST RSWS

Peningkatan layanan CST melalui bimbingan teknis oleh tenaga ahli dari Australia (ASC) dalam hal:
  • Pelayanan klinik
  • Gizi
  • Perawatan
  • Infection control

Juni 2006,



Peningkatan pelayanan VCT di RS Wahidin melalui profesionalisme konselor.

Itu saja sementara dari Project!

Friday, June 02, 2006

An Overview of High Level Meeting a Historic Opportunity

2006 marks the five-year anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS by the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS). In the first worldwide commitment to tackle the HIV epidemic, the declaration acknowledged how HIV and AIDS constitute a global emergency. It set time-bound goals and targets aimed at stopping and reversing the spread of HIV and reducing the impact of AIDS, and covered broad areas such as leadership, prevention, care, support and treatment, and human rights.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

UNAIDS Head: The World is Losing HIV Fight

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - The world continues to lose an ugly battle to HIV/AIDS that shows no sign of letting up after 25 million people have died a quarter-century into the epidemic, the head of the U.N.'s HIV/AIDS joint program said.

By MARGIE MASON, AP Medical Writer
Last update: May 30, 2006 – 6:18 AM

The Role of Nonprofit Sector in Partnership with Government

Nils Daulaire, M.D., M.P.H. :

The closing decade of the 20th century has brought into sharp focus the vast changes under way in the organization and dynamics of global society. Many of these changes derive from the process of globalization, which is itself driven by an unprecedented pace of technological change and innovation. The ways in which health is viewed and health care is accessed and delivered will be profoundly shaped by these dynamics.

The role of governments in directly providing services will be substantially diminished as . . .

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Time for POKJA Media Meeting

Just a slight change on POKJA Media Meeting.

It was supposed to be on Wednesday this week, but then something comes up.  Guys, it is then postponed to the next day, Thursday 1st of June 2006.  Well, what a start of the month! :-)

MRAN 06 in Makassar

Here is some report on the candle light we had on 21 May 2006. It was held in Gedung Juang 45, Jl. St. Alaudin Makassar.

It was held just for the sake of the attendance of Wagub :-( It wasn't his fault, though. It was such a boost to have him around, but we're missing the point. We should consider the event was a failure in terms of achieving the goals for candle light memorial. It was just another one of great ceremonials despite the outstanding performances of our MC (Ms. Luna) to make the event alive and Dr. Noer for giving such a touching prayer.

Nevertheless, we should acknowledge the attendants of the events, coming in a very short notice :-) They were POKJA members (mainly from POKJA AIDS in the workplace and Media), some familiar faces from Provincial KPA, NGOs (thankfully crowded by YAKITA's, cheers Rodan!) and some friends from Journalists Forum (FJP). The total was about 200 people ;-p. That would include the performers from Gaya Celebes.

Acknowledgement also goes to Santy (POKJA Media) for her commitment, and thanks for Eky and Pak Akbar for your involvement. The event was supported by Provincial KPA, JASS and FJP.